Tortoise Tours – Stellenbosch
Tortoise Tours

Tortoise Tours

Tortoise Tours was established in 2017 through a mixture of experience and innovation. The idea behind the business developed from a vision to combine the traditional wine experience with a young and happy go lucky vibe. The tours themselves are developed by making use of a combination of thoughts from different spheres and generations, hence providing an experience consisting of professionalism as well as a break from the day to day rush. Each route will consist of visiting three lovely vineyards, each unique and amazing in its own way. We have decided on four vineyards from which we choose the three most appealing farms to satisfy our customer’s needs. The route that will be taken is dependent on various factors including the weather, time of day and the group of people as well as other factors we take into account to provide the most exclusive and personalised tour possible. Not one tour is the same!!

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