Stephen Rautenbach – The Studio Gallery
Stephen Rautenbach Sculptor

Stephen Rautenbach’s sculpting studio and intimate little gallery is located at number 44, where he exhibits his sculpture portfolio in bronze and copper nickel. In the back of the gallery is Stephen’s tiny studio, an intriguing, creative space.

Here his wise Owls and Shrews have discourse and the Dodo bird lives again in bronze. The studio is full of sculptures in process and progress, studies of life and doodles in wax.

Stephen works mostly in wax as his preferred medium, it allows him to work on projects and ‘live’ with them until he is ready to have them cast in bronze.

The Studio Gallery is situated at 44 Church Street in sunny Stellenbosch South Africa. The Gallery can be seen on the Stellenbosch Museum side of Church Street, backing onto the beautiful, well-kept Stellenbosch Museum garden.

The Gallery is curated and owned by the local Sculptor Stephen Rautenbach and his lovely Italian wife Barbara.

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