Plan to visit some wine farms?

Most of the wine farms in Stellenbosch and surrounds are quite large and are located approximately 7-10 kilometers between each other. If you are planning to visit a few farms or wineries here are some of the best ways to do it.

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Arrange a private or custom wine tour

Do a cycling wine tour and explore on bikes

Hire a car and drive yourself (Don't forget a driver)

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Wine Farms and Wineries directory | South African Winelands

Here we have compiled a list of all the wine farms, wineries and wine tasting venues in the region.

Browse the directory below or take a look at these featured wine farms.
Doing a wine tour at one of these beautiful wineries is highly recommended.

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Wine farms by region

Nelson's Creek Wine Estate stands upon one of the first pieces of land to be selected by the French Huguenots for making wine. A deeds office entry dated 1692 records the fact that the new arrivals from the Loire Valley immediately recognized the potential of the area and set about…
Over 300 years ago the French Huguenots first recognised the perfect natural prevailing conditions of the Franschhoek’s alluvial sandstone soils, long hot summer days, abundant winter rainfall and varied mountainous landscape and valley floor vineyards. In 1945 37 wine growers from Franschhoek collaborated to form Franschhoek Co-Operative Cellar. The Co-Op…
The farm, originally know as De Leuwen Jagt, has recently been renamed Seidelberg and at the same time been re-classified as a Wine Estate. The current owner, Roland Seidel, heralds from Germany and is proud to be part of this 300 year old Cape property and its refurbishment.Experience a real…
We are led by the principles of tradition and inspired by perfection; yet realise the power of innovation. Everything that Dornier stands for and embodies – be it the place or the wines – creatively fuse the opposites of change and stasis, seriousness and pleasure, complexity and simplicity. We embrace…