Funny Wine Slogans by Ed Polish

08 February 2011
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Check out Ephemera, Inc, where Ed Polish and his team create hilarious books, buttons, bumper stickers and the like. Their slogans are spot on and go down extra well with a good glass of wine.

I first came across one of their flipbooks in a friend's house and instantly loved it. An interesting concept, for the light of heart.

Some wine slogans:

"TherEphemera2e comes a time in the day that no matter what the question the answer is wine."

"I thank god for my children every day. Without them I'd never know how well red wine complements chicken nuggets."

"Let's face it Book Club should just be called Let's open another bottle of wine club."

"Beautiful, balanced and elegant with an overlying spicy resonance and that's just me. I hear the wine is also fabulous."