Thali Thali – West Coast



Thali Thali – West Coast

Thali Thali is a 1,460 hectare Cape West Coast game and fynbos reserve situated just off the R27 near Langebaan, less than 1 hours drive from Cape Town, bordering the West Coast National Park. The Cape West Coast is intoxicating and the Langebaan area with its beautiful lagoon has a charm that keeps people coming back year after year.

Thali Thali was an old cattle farm when bought a few years ago and after relocating more than 250 mammals it is now home to an abundance of wildlife species such as : Eland, Oryx, Red Hartebees, Black Wildebees, Giraffe, Kudu, Bontebok, Springbok and Burchell’s Zebra to name a few.

Thali Thali is home to a long list of bird species within its boundaries. The South African national bird, the blue crane, is one of the species that feature not only on the five-cent coin, but also here. If you are lucky enough to see these regal birds, do not disturb them, especially if they are in breeding.

The West Coast is the southernmost point for the Palaearctic migratory birds from the northern Europe and Siberia, so one can see birds most other people just dream of.

Thali Thali is just a stone-throw away from a number of listed Important Bird Areas(IBAs), such as the West Coast National Park(Geelbek), the Saldanha Islands, Dassen Island, the Lower Berg River Wetlands and Verlorenvlei.

Game drives

We offer a choice of three open game viewing vehicles with different capacities to adapt to the needs of our guests. Our trained guides will take you on an informative 90 minute drive where you will have an excellent chance of spotting all our featured species. All game viewing is strictly non-smoking due to the high risk of fire in our fynbos habitat. No guests are allowed to go on game viewing excursions in their own vehicles. Cost: R200 for Adults; R100 for children

Walking safaris

A must for all nature enthusiasts is the unguided fynbos walks. This affords guests the ultimate, close to the wild experience and a chance to focus on the smaller inhabitants including birds, insects and smaller animals. It also provides the opportunity to discover the interesting world of our fynbos, grasses and flowers. Please report to the front desk before embarking on your journey on foot. Also, please be aware of the possible danger of certain of the species, wear comfortable shoes and take water with you – walks are strictly at own risk.


From the novice to the seasoned archer – we have something to interest all. If you are new to the sport, book an archery lesson with our accredited coaches or visit our bow shop. If you are an old timer to the sport, come and enjoy our 3D archery course. The course simulates real life hunting situations and has 23 life sized 3D rubber animal targets. You can use your own bow or rent one from the shop.

Cost: Archery lessons R100 | Bow hire R100 | Bow hunting track R100

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Thali Thali – West Coast
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