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The Tasteroom

One of the best things about building your own brewery is that you get to design your own Tasteroom. We’re very proud of ours and just like the Darling brand, it’s cool, stylish and welcoming. At its heart is a massive oval shaped bar that runs the length of the space. The bar, tables and chairs are all crafted from reclaimed wood. The animals that represent our beers have been handpainted onto the walls. In the centre of the bar against the wall is a portrait of Africa – our inspiration. The entire Tasteroom looks out over the brewery giving you a bird’s eye view of the day-to-day brewery operation. You really should stop by for a beer or three.
All our beers are on tap at the Tasteroom and they’re the freshest you’ll ever get. We invite you to dive into a tasting with one of our tasting trays. We’re always keen to hear what you think of our beers. We’ve also got a great selection of hot and cold meals on offer, and everything is locally sourced and sustainable. Our hot menu is simple yet uniquely South African with its braai (barbecue) theme. Our grillmasters cook up South African classics like boerewors rolls and braai platters. Our cold menu features local cheeses, pickles and freshly baked breads. Be sure to check out our events section for specials and exciting evenings, like our food and beer pairing night.

Operating hours:

Tuesday & Thursday 9am to 5pm, kitchen closes at 4pm.
Wednesday & Friday 9am to 9pm, kitchen closes at 8pm.
Saturday 9am to 5pm, kitchen closes at 4pm.
Sunday 10am to 4pm, kitchen closes at3pm.

We are also cater for private functions. The restaurant works on a walk in basis but large groups (more than 10) are encouraged to book to avoid disappointment.

T: 021 286 1099
E: tasteroom@darlingbrew.co.za
48 Caledon Street, Darling
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The Brewery

We always strive to be the best we can. So when it came to building the brewery we partnered with Germany’s Kaspar Schulz. These guys have been building some of the finest brewhouses the world has to offer since 17th century. They are a tenth generation family run business, which operates out of the town of Bamberg.

Our Beers

Slow Beer

If you’ve ever brewed a beer then you’ll know that it’s a long process. The brew day is long and the fermentation and conditioning is even longer. It takes time to craft a great beer but like most things in life, the more time and effort you put into something, the better the results.
For us this process is what we like to call, ‘Slow Beer’. It’s been our philosophy since day one and it reflects the care with which we brew. It was also the name of our very first beer.

Our labels

Africa has always been our inspiration, so it’s only fitting that we celebrate its unique wildlife. We believe in the conservation of wildlife and all of beer labels represent animals that are under threat in some way. We hope that by highlighting these animals, we create awareness around their plight, and help conserve our wildlife for generations to come.

Slow Beer

Our brand colours and our original lager is inspired by the extremely endangered geometric tortoise. It only exists in the South Western Cape and there are only an estimated 2000 to 3000 left in the wild. The greatest threat to this unique animal is habitat destruction and illegal animal trade.

Stats: Lager, 4% ABV.

Colour: Rich gold.

Aroma: Malt and floral with a hint of spice.

Flavour & finish: A refreshing balance of malt and hops with a mild bitterness.

Thoughts: Our original brew was crafted for the intense heat of the African summer. It’s one of the most popular lagers in the country and it’s still one of our all-time favourites.


Our light lager is inspired by the giant girdled lizard or sungazer of Sub-Saharan Africa. This heavily armoured lizard gets its name from its thermoregulatory behaviour of posturing in front of its burrow, while staring at the sun. Habitat destruction and illegal pet trade are responsible for a decline in numbers.

Stats: Light lager, 2.6% ABV.

Colour: Sunrise gold.

Aroma: Toasted malt and floral notes.

Flavour & finish: A solid malt hit up front gives way to subtle but fragrant floral notes. It’s full flavoured and finishes with a crisp hop bitterness.

Thoughts: We’re avid mountain bikers, so we wanted to brew a light beer for after a hard ride – one that actually tastes like a beer. Job done.

Rogue Pony

Our pale ale is inspired by the iconic plains zebra, which is revered in some African cultures as a symbol of beauty. While numbers are still relatively healthy, zebras have faced a decline in recent years due to hunting and habitat loss. Human encroachment, agricultural practices and fenced livestock grazing has also interfered with migration routes.

Stats: Pale ale, 5% ABV.

Colour: Pale honey gold.

Aroma: Grain and straw with a hint of honey.

Flavour & finish: Malt and earthy flavours with touch of honey sweetness.

Thoughts: Our session pale ale is well balanced and easy drinking. It’s designed for those 35 plus days in mind, and it pairs perfectly cool dip in the pool.

Gypsy Mask

Our brown ale is inspired by the rare and endangered roan antelope. At one point the roan with its distinctive black and white painted face, was one of the most widely distribute antelope in Africa. Today only an estimated 76 000 remain. The Kruger National Park has less than seventy of that number. Poaching and habitat loss are the main reasons for its decline.

Stats: Brown ale, 4% ABV.

Colour: Rusty brown.

Aroma: Caramel malt and spicy hops.

Flavour & finish: Fruit and spice with a good malt backbone.

Thoughts: Our brown ale is robust in flavour yet surprisingly refreshing. It pairs beautifully with food and in particular, anything off the braai. Did someone say braai? Yes please.

Thunder Bird

Our IPA is inspired by the endangered southern ground hornbill. The hornbill is famous for it’s booming call, earning it the nickname, thunder bird. There are only an estimated 1500 hornbills left in South Africa. The main reasons for their decline in numbers are clearing of habitat for agriculture, and the slow reproductive rate of the birds.

Stats: IPA, 6.5% ABV, 45 IBUs.

Colour: Red gold.

Aroma: Toasted malt and grapefruit.

Flavour & finish: Solid malt character with juicy citrus flavours and a hoppy finish.

Thoughts: This is our first leap into the IPA tank and we’re very happy. It’s big enough to have a thunderous kick, but it has a sessionable quality that will keep you coming back for more.

Bone Crusher

Our wit bier is inspired by the often misunderstood spotted or laughing hyena. Even though they’re considered scavengers, hyenas are actually skilled hunters. Their extremely powerful jaws enable them to crack through bone to obtain the nutrients contained within. Their numbers are stable but they have started to decline in areas that are unprotected due to habitat loss.

Stats: Wit, 5.2% ABV.

Colour: Hazy light gold.

Aroma: Citrus and spice.

Flavour & finish: Spice and candied orange with light herbal notes.

Thoughts: Ever since its first brew, Bone Crusher has been a crowd favourite. It’s big, bold, refreshing and packed with the robust flavours you’d expect in a Belgian style wit.

Silver Back

The honey badger is widely regarded as one of Africa’s most ferocious animals. It’s smart, cunning and has an intriguing relationship with the honeyguide bird. The bird alerts the badger to the whereabouts of the honey and the badger claws out the nest. The honeyguide eats whatever the badger leaves behind. The honey badger is heavily persecuted outside of protected areas. It’s poisoned, trapped or snared very inhumanely.

Stats: Black wit, 4% ABV.

Colour: Rich black.

Aroma: Toasted malt, caramel and coffee.

Flavour & finish: Robust flavours of coffee, liquorice with a hint of sweetness and subtle bitterness.

Thoughts: Our black version of a Belgian Wit has always had a special place in our hearts. It’s bold in flavour yet silky smooth on the palate.

Black Mist

Our black ale is inspired by the majestic Verreaux’s eagle. The eagle is often found soaring high above the mountains of Africa scouting for prey. They are difficult to study due to their large range, but recent surveys suggest alarming range reductions. Breeding pairs in South Africa have also declined in the last twenty years. The Verreaux’s eagle is often targeted by livestock farmers and illegal animal traders.

Stats: Black ale, 5% ABV.

Colour: Charcoal black.

Aroma: Roasted nuts, coffee and caramel.

Flavour & finish: Roasted malt and coffee flavours with a hint of chocolate.

Thoughts: If you’re into big roasty and toasty flavours of stout style beers than Black Mist is for you. It pairs brilliantly with hearty winter dishes and a comfortable chair.

Seasonal White IPA – Dry Hopped

Summer in Africa is a scorcher so in 2015, we launched our seasonal white IPA. This thirst quenching brew was a first for us and the results have been incredible. It’s brewed with orange, coriander, and dry hopped with hull melon hops. We’ve had so many requests to added to our regular line up that we just might have to.

Stats: White IPA, 5.2% ABV.

Colour: Hazy light gold.

Aroma: Citrus, spice and honeydew.

Flavour & finish: Melon, orange and spice flavours with a subtle hop kick on the finish.

Thoughts: This is fast becoming our favourite summer brew. It’s packed full of flavour and has a subtle hop kick that makes it super sessionable.

Seasonal Lager – El Dorado Single Hop

Every year we release a Christmas beer. Up until 2015 the flavours had always been European inspired with spices such as nutmeg and clove. In 2015 we decided to mix it up and do an African inspired beer with flavours of Red Bush tea and ginger. The beer was so well received that we might just have to make it again next Christmas.

Stats: Lager, 4% ABV.

Colour: Light gold.

Aroma: Malt, and fruit with subtle herbal notes.

Flavour & finish: A crisp fruity lager with hints of Red Bush and a ginger zing. It finishes clean and refreshing.

Thoughts: This brew is only available once a year so get it when you see it.

Collaboration Beers

We’ve always been interested in collaboration brews. We love the idea of brewmasters coming together to create something special. Now that the brewery is built you can expect a range of exciting brews, each with a unique story and flavour.

Desert Dragon

Our oat pale ale is a collaboration brew with South African born brewer, Sean Knight of England’s Sambrook’s Brewery. Sean was in Cape Town on holiday and he contacted us for a visit. We suggested a collab brew and Desert Dragon was born. Desert Dragon is an oat pale ale that’s been infused with honeybush tea. It’s named after the critically endangered pangolin. Their unique amoured scales have made them the most trafficked animal in the world. When threatened the pangolin will curl up into an armoured ball.

Stats: Oat pale ale, 5.5% ABV.

Colour: Hazy gold.

Aroma: Fruit and spice with hint of honey.

Flavour & finish: Extremely fruity with a touch of honey. It a rich, silky and full-bodied.

Thoughts: We always thought Desert Dragon would be good but the response has been overwhelming. We might just have to add this one to the regular line up.

Long Claw

Our single hop saison is a collaboration brew with Eduardo Petry of Sunset Brew. Eduardo came to South Africa from Brazil to visit the Kruger Park and Darling Brew. Eduardo specialises in making saisons, so the idea was to put a modern twist on this classic style with the use of citra hops. The beer is named after the most majestic of all African animals, the lion. This elite status has made them targets for big game hunters throughout history. Since the 1950s, Africa’s lion population has been cut in half. After the infamous killing of Cecil the lion by an American hunter in 2015, the U.S. announced that the African lion is now a protected species under the U.S. Endangered Species Act.

Stats: Single hop saison, 5% ABV.

Colour: Straw yellow.

Aroma: Fruity esters and tropical fruit aromas.

Flavour & finish: Litchi and guava with a hint of spice and citrus.

Thoughts: It was an interesting challenge finding a balance between the fruity esters and spice of a saison, and the robust flavours of citra. We’ve also dry hopped it with citra to really amp up the tropical fruit flavour.




Darling Brew – Darling
2nd July 21016
Beer Festival – Darling Brew

Beer Festival – Darling Brew

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